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How Does AmazzeMe Works

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Travelers may tend to believe that the only travel experiences that make fond lifetime memories are those with extensive financial backup. AmazzeMe makes affordability and quality a package deal by making you the master of your own travel dreams. Essentially, users decide what is affordable and what is not; they set a goal they can achieve within their means and there is no limit to how much one can contribute towards their traveling plans. After setting your ideal destination goal, you would then begin depositing money into your personal savings wallet, which calculates how many more months of saving you still have to go to reach the required amount.

On vacation.

WHY AmazzeMe

AmazzeMe is a Web app that gives you value to every cent you save by suggesting a number of other destinations you may travel to within your current savings bracket.

For instance, you may have been saving to explore a safari resort with two friends in a different country, but you’d be truly amazed to know that a safari with activities and entertainment similar to those in your ideal destination actually exists within the borders of your own country.

You have the power to determine the attainability of your travel goals. Through this feature, AmazzeMe provides travel destinations that not only meet expectations, but may even exceed them.

The world is an unending tapestry of beauty waiting to be explored and discovered, therefore, there is a traveler in everyone. With a flexible savings plan, AmazzeMe takes the impossible out of traveling.

Making global citizens out of ordinary people.

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